Product Review: PediaLyte Rehydration Products

Optimum hydration is the key for maintaining overall well-being but most people across the world live in a status quo of dehydration due to under consumption of fluids. Inadequate hydration, being in extreme heat, performing intense workouts, vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive sweating, or consuming too much alcohol are some of the common factors of dehydration. While 1% decline in total body water content can negatively affect our mood and cognitive abilities, 2% loss can cause the body to reach dehydration level that could affect the functionality of various organs. If the fluids lost through sweat, urine, vomiting, or diarrhoea are not adequately replaced then an electrolyte imbalance can occur in the body. Electrolytes are essential minerals that possess an electric charge and are found in different parts of the body such as blood, tissue, organs, and other bodily fluids. Electrolytes balance water levels in the body as well as enable mobility of nutrients in and out of cells, thus helps muscles, nerves, and organs work properly electrolyte powder.

Although all liquids hydrate the body, some do a much better job than others. For instance, water and fruit juices replenish the hydration levels quickly than soda, coffee, tea, or milk. Nowadays, electrolyte water infused with sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are growing in demand due to their ability to improve the functioning of the heart, brain, muscles, and other nervous systems as well as increase strength, speed, and focus. Abbott has recently launched a new range of Pedialyte® rehydration products, Pedialyte with Immune Support, Pedialyte Sport, Pedialyte Organic, and Pedialyte Electrolyte Water with Zero Sugar, formulated to provide the right balance of electrolytes and glucose. Pedialyte’s original formulations were created five decades ago to fulfil the much-needed fluid and electrolyte requirement for sick children that showed dehydration symptoms. With the growing demand for healthy drink alternatives owing to increasing awareness about health, now Abbott has expanded its suite of products leveraging its science-led innovation to address the evolving needs.

Pedialyte with Immune Support is a formulation of key nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin e, and zinc that are known to strengthen gut health. Vitamin B12 helps to activate immune cells, vitamin C promotes cell health, vitamin e supports cell membranes, and zinc builds new immune cells. With the rising incidences of coronavirus cases, healthcare providers across the globe are recommending these key nutrients to stay healthy during coronavirus. Consuming a single bottle of Pedialyte with Immune Support can offer 100% of the daily value of vitamins C and B12 per serving. Thus, the drink can also help people to recover from illnesses arising from a lack of hydration or nutrients in the diet. So, if you are looking for healthy drinks that can complete the basic nutritional requirements of the body and restore hydration levels, opt for Pedialyte with Immune Support, available in two flavours, mixed berry, and fruit punch.

Compared to popular calorie-rich and sweet sports drinks, the Pedialyte Sport has three times more electrolytes with about one-fourth the amount of sugar. Thus, the drink helps to keep the overall sugar content down while amplifying the energy levels after intense physical activity. Thus, Pedialyte Sport is the #1 doctor-recommended brand for rehydration since it keeps insulin levels in check and increases electrolytes to help replace what’s lost in sweat. Five key nutrients found in the Pedialyte Sport are sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and phosphate. Sodium relieves muscle cramps, chloride retains fluid balance, potassium boosts muscle and nerve function, magnesium support muscle health and phosphate accelerate muscle repair. The Pedialyte Sport rehydrates like IV fluids provided for mild to moderate dehydration so it is one of the best drinks that one can adapt to restore fluids in the body lost after rigorous training and exercise. The Pedialyte sport is available in new fruit punch and lemon-lime flavours and contains artificial sweeteners.

Pedialyte Organic is another offering by Abbott, that is not only great for adults but also kids. The USDA-certified organic drink consists of no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners, and thus proclaiming it one of the healthiest drinks in the Pedialyte range would not be an exaggeration. Weight watchers and diabetics can choose the organic drink to replace the lost fluids and electrolytes without being concerned about the extra calories or insulin levels. Pedialyte Organics is more effective than sodas, sports drinks, juice, apple juice, or tap water and the drink can also be utilized to prevent dehydration caused by heat exhaustion, travel, exercise, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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