New Mobile Technologies – Changing the Face of the On-Demand Taxi Industry

A decade ago, passengers used to call taxi drivers by making radio calls and it took too long for the drivers to reach the location because they were unable to track suitable routes that do not have a lot of traffic. But, with changing needs and introduction of smartphones and tablets, the services have been modified to maximize customer satisfaction with minimal time.

These touch-enabled devices have simplified that business norms and now, passengers are left with high quality taxi applications that allow them to call a taxi driver with a few screen touches 的士司機租車. The passengers are now able to download the desired taxi app and let the drivers know about their current location along with the destination, thus allowing them to find out the best route to reach the place within a short time.

Innovations in mobile technology allow mobile users to freely roam wherever they want. Whether they are students (studying abroad), business associates (gone for a meeting) or tourists, all they have to do is to use the taxi application and call them to carry you to the desired place. The modifications have significantly changed the basis and face of the taxi industry and, thus allowing the drivers and passengers to remain in contact.

Every taxi company has its own mobile taxi application that is used by both, the passengers to hire a taxi and the taxi drivers to track and communicate with the passengers. The mobile taxi applications provide complete information about the taxi drivers and allow the passengers to keep track of where they are and when they will pick them up. With the other part of the interface, the drivers follow a real-time GPS-driven map to keep an eye over the progress.

Since taxi companies have huge fleets of vehicles, they need to design a highly efficient and reliable software to manage all the devices, installed in their vehicles. The software will keep them updated about the recent progress, monitor drivers’ performance and provide remote support.The taxi industry has come a long way and turned out to be the best transportation solution.

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